Who we are

A multi asset brokerage house with an aim to deliver a compliant suite of trading and investment products. Combine that with help and advice from some of the most experienced team members in the industry. 

Why we are

We came to life based on a belief that the digital revolution was leaving a group of people behind in society. A belief that experience, service and human interaction matters in active trading and investing.

Where you are

Are you seeking something more than just a trading platform? Maybe a personalized experience with profitable trading ideas? We invite you to join Minter Markets and enjoy trading with our service and advice.


SaxoTraderGO is our award-winning trading platform that puts you in charge, whether you are a long-term investor or actively trading global markets.


Kent Torbjørnsen

Managing Director, Oslo

Kent joins Minter Oslo in September 2021 as Managing Director.

Aime Rabenorolahy

Broker, Oslo

Aime joined the Minter Markets team as a broker in June 2019.

He has over 8 years of experience in various brokerage firms and Aime knows the Oslo financial community like his own pockets.

Saxo Bank’s trading platform and products have been familiar to Aime for many years and it may take a long time to find a more customer-oriented broker.

Aime specializes in foreign exchange and CFD trading. Whether you want an insight into the development of the Norwegian krone, the crude oil market or the companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Aime is certainly the right expert.

Minter Oslo AS is a tied agent to Global Assets AS. Global Assets AS has authorization to deliver the following investment services in compliance with “verdipapirhandelloven” § 2-1 (1) – MiFID art 31:

  • Nr 1. Receiving and acting as an intermediary with market orders
  • Nr 5. Giving investment advice

Minter Oslo AS has clearance to deliver the same investment services as Global Assets AS.

Global Assets AS: 

The concession register.

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