China, Iowa and Washington D.C.

As we continue to focus on the developing story that is the Coronavirus, there are other events that are interesting to follow.

They may not have an immediate impact, but most likely will have an impact once the Coronavirus situation is fully priced in.

The key being the seriousness of the virus on human lives and the global economic impact.

The Democratic party in the U.S. kicks off its nomination process for real tonight in the great state of Iowa. Watch to see if Biden can finish top 3, if Sanders wins walking away or if one of the other candidates can achieve more than 15%.  This is only the first of many states that will vote to choose a candidate over the next weeks. We should be down to a field of 2 to 3 after the next month. The market will then start to price in the chance of beating President Trump in the general election in November.

President Trump will hold his State of the Union address on Tuesday where the President will outline how he sees the current state of the U.S. in terms of the economy, national security and his key focus going forward. His acquittal in the impeachment trial will most likely not come in time for the speech.  Wonder who the designated survivor will be?

Key charts we have our eyes on:

Gold:  we see a break out above the $1,580 level on the back of the Coronavirus. Gold is now resting right on the resistance/support level.

We see key support for the up move at $1,565 we think as long as that holds we will see a test of the $1,600 and above.

The USD index is holding in the 97.00 to 98.00 range.

Returns since January 1st in 5 important commodities:

Gold +4%, Silver -.64%, Corn -2.0%, Copper -9.65%, Brent Crude -14.5%

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– Mark W

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