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Key Information Documents (KID)

Supplier Dependence

Minter Markets (Multi Markets) offers exclusively non-independent investment advice in that the company receives return commission from Saxo Bank for all investment services and products provided to the Customer. For a complete overview of all costs for you as a customer and Minter Markets (Multi Markets) return commission you can see in our price overview. An updated reason for why Minter Markets (Multi Markets) can retain a return commission can be found here.


All customer complaints must be addressed in writing and sent by e-mail to or ordinary mail:

Multi Markets AS
Marine port 5B
4305 Sandnes

Processing of complaints

Compliance Officer is the entity’s appeal body and is responsible for handling complaints. The Compliance Officer must ensure that the complaint is properly and quickly dealt with. Upon submission, the customer must receive a written confirmation that the complaint has been received with information on the expected processing time. If it is not possible to provide within the expected processing time, the enterprise shall inform the complainant of the reason for this and when the case is expected to be terminated.

The Compliance Officer shall ensure that relevant information is provided to inform the complaint and identify and limit any conflicts of interest.

Decisions that do not fully uphold the complaint shall be justified in writing and information on the right of appeal to the Securities Undertakings’ Association’s Ethical Council shall be provided.

All received customer complaints and associated documentation are recorded and retained for at least 5 years from the time the complaint handling procedure was terminated.

Minter Oslo AS is a tied agent to Multi Markets AS. Multi Markets AS has authorization to deliver the following investment services in compliance with “verdipapirhandelloven” § 2-1 (1) – MiFID art 31:

  • Nr 1. Receiving and acting as an intermediary with market orders
  • Nr 5. Giving investment advice

Minter Oslo AS has clearance to deliver the same investment services as Multi Markets AS.

Multi Markets AS:

The concession register