Does Bolton Matter? (Read time 1.5 min)

Former National Security adviser to President Trump, John Bolton is n the process of launching his book tour.

Excerpts of the book are being leaked as well as an interview with Bolton on TV. I think this is more than your average tell all of a public person that goes to work for the government and then cashes in after a few years by writing a book.

Bolton’s view is what many Democrats have been shouting and many Republicans have been denying. Trump is mostly worried about being the center of attention and re election above leading the country.  Bolton may well be unhappy with Trump and is writing the book to get back at him, he also seems to be truly worried about President Trumps policies and focus, as well as fitness to lead the U.S.A. This may blow over before the election, but this book focus combined with the racial issues, increasing tensions with North Korea and China, an unpredictable pandemic and the potential of a Democratic sweep of the Presidency, Senate and House all thrown together are a formidable force against the money printing and government spending authorities globally!


Negative view:

S&P 500

Sell into strength.

We like being short the S&P 500 between 3,100 – 3,130. Would stop above the trendline at 3,175 and 3,250, depending on risk appetite.



Positive view

Neutral positioning currently

Buy dip to $1,700/$1,710  or break of $1,745

Brent Crude Oil

Trending higher

Positive short term view

No current position

A break of 41.75 opens for test higher.  We think oil stays in range for the coming days as supply destruction meets uncertain global re opening

Verbal intervention works? Governor Olsen at Norges bank today, when asked what he thought about the reaction in the market to his announcement that they would start FX intervention (March 22nd), informed us that he thinks just telling the market they might was enough and the actual intervention has been limited. (The selling of foreign currencies from the Oil fund, may have been enough combined with the threat of intervention)

Since the announcement: 

EURNOK – 15.5%

GBPNOK – 13.6%

NOKSEK + 12.2%

NOKJPY  + 20.0%

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TickerDate OpenedEntry PriceStopTarget PriceCurrent Price% Change
LONG Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS:xosl)2020/06/0276.7572.00SPREAD TRADE74.85-2.48%
SHORT Leroy Seafood Group ASA (LSG:xosl)2020/06/0256.75SPREAD TRADESPREAD TRADE54.80+3.44%

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– Mark W

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