MTP - Minter Trade Portfolio

Start capital: 1,000,000 NOK  (on 1.1.2019)

Mandate target: 20% return during 2019 (net after costs)

Universe of instruments: all tradeable products on the Saxo platform

Costs: set at our standard rates for commissions, margin usage, funding costs etc.

Our goal is to create a realistic (demo) account, one that replicates a typical client account with Minter Markets.  You as clients or potential clients will decide which trades are appropriate for your trading.

We will  continue to provide trade ideas that have a 3 to 1 payout profile, that diversify across markets and instruments and will give our clients a sense of the amount of risk in each trade based on the notional size of the portfolio.

Continued focus on risk control, while attempting to let positive trades run will continue to be critical.

Please note we will run the Demo portfolio on the SaxoTraderGO platform, so it may look different in layout than SaxoTraderPRO, that some of you are using.

Minter Trade Portfolio on 26.4.2019 @19:50 Norwegian time:

Visit our Position Tracker to look at all of our realized trades and proven track record.

Opened positions and reasons behind the trades can be found here.